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Don't worry, you don´t need to put your leg behind your head. To start it's so easy!

Ashtanga Yoga is a practice adaptable to anyone, no matter your physical condition or if you have practiced yoga or not before. If you have never practiced Ashtanga Yoga we teach you step by step, and always under the careful attention of our teachers. The first steps are very important, so we put special effort into every person who decides to start.

What is Mysore style?

In the Mysore Style class, new students are instructed individually, and taught small amounts of a sequence of poses that increase each day according to the capacity of the student. When the initial poses of the sequence have been committed to memory – which does not take very long –  new postures are introduced, adding to the sequence when the student is ready. The teachers are present to guide as needed, and to answer questions that may arise. Mysore style is a simple, effective and ancient method of learning yoga.

For more information about our program for beginners contact us and we will explain more about schedules and methodology.

"yoga is the removal of the fluctuations of the mind”